Inside the Shoe Laboratory : Christian Louboutin Pigalle

Known all around the globe for its iconic red soles, Christian Louboutin is no stranger when it comes to the footwear scene. Many would swoon over Louboutin’s fine polished red sole designs since it was first created back in 1992. While we love a good pair of statement heels, it’s definitely a tough choice to pick a pair from  Louboutin especially when there’s so many to choose from! Louboutin boasts an enormous collection with varying silhouettes made for every woman.

Which one should you get? Should you splurge on an outrageous seasonal style that captures your attention from the first glance or should you get something classy that you can always wear through the years? Honestly, from us ladies at Glampot to another (that is of course you fabulous readers), we would suggest you to go with something classic to step up your shoe game – especially if it’s your first ever pair from the designer, why not get one timeless style to be your shoe-BFF? So let us introduce you to one of the most popular classic designs from the French shoe designer that’s going to be your best bet, the Pigalle.

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Know Your Iconic Louis Vuittons

There isn’t one single bag enthusiast in the world who doesn’t recognize a Louis Vuitton bag – especially when it comes in the form of their iconic canvas. Everybody knows the LV Monogram or Damier when they see one. Created back in the late 1800s, both Damier and Monogram have been one of the most popular prints ever made. But how many of you out there actually know that they’re not really leather?


Saturday Staff Picks



Saturday Staff Picks



Raf Simons Bids Farewell as Creative Director at Dior

This is shocking. Raf Simmons has made a decision to part ways with the house of Dior as their Creative Director. To many (including all of us at Glampot), this announcement came as a surprise given the positive responses Simons have received for his Dior creations.

On Our Watch List Today: Adele’s ‘Hello’

After four long years of waiting, the phenomenal Adele is finally returning to the music scene with her third studio album, 25. Making her debut with her first single entitled “Hello”, this song proves that Adele continues to reign as one of the most transcendent voices in the industry. This song has been on repeat in our #GlampotHQ office today since it was released a few hours ago. She’s definitely giving us chills to the bones and we just can’t wait for the release of ’25’!

Check out the song and the official video below and tell us what do you think! Enjoy! x


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On Our Watch List Today: Estée Lauder’s Party Zombies Ad

Estée Lauder has just released a new ad featuring their latest spokes model – none other than the ‘it’ supermodel that everyone seems to be talking about these days, Kendall Jenner!


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Saturday Staff Picks


Hermès Lindy 34 Clemence Etoupe Taupe (2334-93), RM34,500 available at Glampot Taipan USJ Branch.
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